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21-Jun-2017 21:54

Hot, wet kisses covered each nipple as the larger woman eased Jennifer back onto the bed.

Without diverting her attention from her breasts, Jade pulled off both Jennifer's skirt and panties, leaving her naked. " Jenn yelled as she held onto Jade's head and drove her dripping cunt into a more than eager mouth.

Since there were plenty of women dancing together, no one gave them a second look. Then as Jennifer followed, the older woman dimmed it to half its brightness. "Oh, definitely not..." Jade countered as her smile drew larger.

Dancing with Jade, Jennifer was now positive that the night would end with them sharing more than the same bed. Moving to Jennifer's side, Jade brushed her long brown hair away from her face.

No sooner had the panties hit the floor when Jade rammed her long slender fingers into the already wet pussy. " Jennifer sighed as Jade moved her fingers in and out. In minutes, Jennifer was bouncing like a cat in heat, she'd never had her pussy licked like this .

She hadn't followed up on it when she got home because she was afraid that none of her friends would ever understand. A quick stop at Jennifer's room afterwards took care of her luggage and they dripped it off at Jades.Reaching forward she replaced Jade's hand with her own, feeling the nipples harden at her touch. Lifting the breasts upward, Jennifer leaned forward and kissed them.

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